1 Hour Coaching Session

A 1 hour powerful personal coaching session

Private Coaching

You want and are ready for something to shift, but you know you’re not ready to dive into a full program.

This one hour coaching session is for you.

After 8 years of coaching only longer term private coaching programs, I’ve now opened up this powerful 1 hour coaching session option. My heart and intuition said, “Reach more people, help more people, find a new way.” And this is the beautiful option that unfolded.

It couldn’t feel more right for me to offer.

In this session, we explore what calls to your heart most: listening to your intuition and what it’s saying, trusting in yourself, clarity in next steps (this could be in relation to health, career, relationship or other), a deeper sense of peace and unwavering support, compassion and high quality guidance.

I am here for you. I believe in you.

The great news: the investment is based on your income, so you can choose to give somewhere between $85 to $195 for the 1 hour phone session.

To schedule a powerful 1 hour session together send an email to info@angelamariepatnode.com.

Are you ready for a shift? Now is the time.

This 1 hour coaching session is available at the open rate stated to past clients as well as new clients. All are welcome.

P.S. This is NOT the Peace and Clarity Breakthrough Session that is a complimentary session for exploring the option of working together in one of my longer term private coaching programs. This is a straight up 1 hour coaching session.


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