Before working with Angela, despite my life being circumstantially “fine”‘ I was feeling “stuck” and living with a very guarded heart. While working together, I found myself more awake and alive and open to life and the people I love and truly care about it. I had been living in my head way too much.

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Angela’s commitment to accept me and provide a supportive, open perspective helped me see that my mind kept me in patterns of fear. From our work together, I’m not so ingrained in those patterns. I’m feeling the confidence that has always been within me to step through fears and live the life I want. She

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Angela’s guidance and encouragement in the practice of meditation has been paramount in this journey towards inner peace and self-acceptance. As reflected in her name, Angela has given me wings, for which I am forever grateful.

Angela helped me to see my belief of not feeling worthy, and provided me with the tools to dissolve this belief. By becoming aware of how this belief caused my actions and reactions, I am finally able to own my decisions without feeling inhibited by what others might think.

Angela reintroduced me to meditation, journaling, and just being present. She showed me how asking “what is true” can lead to clarity. Now I am able to come from a more peaceful and grounded place.

After working with Angela, I’m happy to be me as I am now, and so curious about others as they are at that moment as well. I experience so much less stress and so much more joy!

With Angela’s caring guidance, I was able to become more aware of my feelings and where they were in my body. I am now able to listen to and trust my intuition and take action when it aligns with my true self. I have a clear sense of vision for my next career and am

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Angela taught me such valuable tools for accessing my authentic and truest self. I’m remembering to breath more, pause more before I react, and, best of all, I’ve become more gentle with myself. What a gift to the soul!

Angela made it possible for me to live more out of my intuition and truly savor each unfolding moment more than I ever have.

The 1-on-1 program has changed the way I view the world and my life! I am more connected to my heart and my intuition, and have more of a sense of possibility. I have more trust that things will work out.

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