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Friendships and relationships are a training ground for our relationship with Spirit.  When I use to hold God at arms length away, I was also holding those I loved an arms length away – because those I loved were a child of God, as a wave is upon the ocean. As I rejected God, I rejected

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After a 9 month sabbatical, I share what I’ve learned on this deep spiritual journey

While during an 8 day silent retreat, I had an unexpected conversation with God.

Healing from childhood religion isn’t easy, but it’s important. Here’s my adventurous journey in doing so.

Before I share with you the transformative experience that led me to the answer of this question, it’s important that I share a few pieces from the past year that led to it. For the last two years, I’ve had a calling to God. When I use the word God, I use it synonymous with

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I was on the phone with a client this week when she asked, “How do I know it’s my intuition talking and not my ego? It’s so hard to tell sometimes.” A fantastic question. It IS hard to tell sometimes, and with enough practice and some specific tools (I share below), you’ll know how to

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“God is the energy and frequency that joyfully permeates all things.” When I read this line, I stopped. I took a deep breath in. My heart knew it was the Truth – so eloquently said. So perfect. So exact.┬áSo vast in it’s meaning. Tears came to my eyes. Easy to know when I see flowers

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If you’re anything like me, you have your share of struggles in knowing is it the right decision to do….? Or is it not….? What if xyz happens if I don’t do it? What if it does? The mind gets soooo wrapped up in itself with fear it can be hard to see straight much

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