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Private Coaching

Got Questions? I’ve got answers!

How much time is involved in these programs?
Including the sessions and the tools I give you, plan on spending 30-40 minutes a day. 30 to 40 minutes a day – think about that. During the time it would take you to read the paper, mow the lawn, or spend time on Facebook, you can get clear on your vision, move past obstacles that are holding you back, and learn to be proactive in your life instead of reactive.

Is it worth the time? YES.

In fact, you will find that you actually have more time because you’ll learn how to cut out the time wasters, prioritize and focus your time efficiently, and be more grounded and intentional in your day.

How do we work together?
Each session will be by phone or in person if you and I are both in Bozeman, MT, with email support for questions as needed.

How do I pay you?
Payment is through Paypal (check or cash is an option if we’re meeting in person), so you can use your debit card or credit card for easy payment options.

What happens during our coaching sessions?
We begin each coaching session with a short guided meditation to settle into your body. From there, we explore what is most helpful to you that day (requests, what you’re feeling, a challenge to get clear on, or homework you’ve completed) combined with what I’m sensing and intuiting.

What is a Transformational Coach and how are you unique from other coaches?
“Coaching” is a term used by professionals who help provide direction in your life in regards to career, relationships, money, self-acceptance and love, and more. I combine science and spirit, using the neuroplasticity of the brain to rewire old neural, habitual patterns of the brain that may be stuck in an old looping pattern and help you create new neural pathways. It’s science based and it creates miracles in people lives.

I also help you find your own answers, hold you accountable, and believe in you every step of the way. In this process you evolve, grow, change, and become who you are meant to be – thus transforming.

How is it different from counseling?
Counseling addresses issues from the past to promote healing. We will do some of this – such as looking at when limiting beliefs started, how to dissolve those, and resolving resentments – to help you move forward. However, coaching is more focused on growth in the present, the results you are going after, and the road map needed to get you there.

Is spirituality part of your program?
Yes. It is the foundation we build upon, and part of what makes my programs unique. We do not focus on a religion, but we do focus on a spiritual practice that resonates for you.. This will be defined by you as we progress – you don’t need to know what that looks like right now.

I provide the mentoring to create a daily meditation or mindfulness practice, and you find what resonates for you along the way so that you can live from the whole and complete person that you already are in body, mind, heart and spirit.

How can I be sure this is right for me?
To see if working together is a good fit for you (and me too!), I recommend setting up a complimentary 45-minute Peace and Clarity Breakthrough Session where you’ll gain clarity around what you’re challenged by, what you want to create instead, a fear that may be holding you back, and a next step to create your vision.

I’m probably not the right coach for you if…

  • You want change, but you don’t want to do what it takes.
  • You tend to blame others instead of taking responsibility for yourself or your life.
  • You want the easy way around.
  • You’re not ready to make this program a priority.
  • You aren’t interested in considering a different perspective or a new approach.
  • You have addictions to substances, such as alcohol, drugs, or sex, or you drink or smoke daily.
  • You’re in a deep state of depression or have been on antidepressants for more than 5 years.

These programs are a fit for you if…

  • You’re ready and committed to creating change in your life.
  • You’re willing to do the “work” that it takes to create your vision.
  • You know you’re done with feeling how you feel right now.
  • You’re ready to live more from your heart instead of just your head.
  • You’re ready to leave fears and limiting beliefs behind instead of letting them run your life.
  • You’re ready to do what it takes instead of what is convenient.

I think I’m a fit Angela, but I’m worried about not getting anything out of this, or, worse yet, feeling like I failed.
I hear you, and I understand your valid concern. It’s an investment of your time and money that doesn’t produce a thing you can touch, but rather a way of being or feeling. Here’s what I guarantee: If you commit 100%, show up to each coaching session open and willing, and do the home practice tools I give you, I guarantee you will shift. I can say this with total confidence because I see it happen with every client who is committed to the program.

Still worried? If you are not satisfied with the program upon completion, you will receive your money back.

100% Guarantee

Interested in working together, but not sure which program is the best fit for you? No problem, we can talk about it during your Peace and Clarity Breakthrough Session.



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