GET CLEAR NOW Breakthrough Session

Are you feeling stuck or indecisive in your relationship, career, or life, like you’re in a fog and there’s no clear step forward?

If so, join me for my one of kind complimentary 1-on-1 30 minute GET CLEAR NOW Breakthrough Session, where I’ll help you tap into your own heart and intuition for a clue or answer to what the next step is to take.

This is for you if you:

  • Feel stuck and would really like some clarity and/or direction
  • Desire to live from your heart and creativity vs. what you think you should do
  • Know you’re meant for something greater or more purposeful
  • Want to break free of the fears that are holding you back

After losing myself in a relationship 12 years ago (I didn’t know how to ask for what I needed and wanted), I found myself on the floor in a ball of tears having a panic attack. The anxiety had gotten so bad, I didn’t have the desire to live anymore. But in that moment, something shifted. I had to find a different way to be. I had to find out who I was – truly was from the heart. Not who I thought I should be.

A year later, I decided to attend a 10 day meditation retreat never having meditated before (after I realized the relationship wasn’t right for me and that’s what the anxiety had been telling me all along!).

8 years later, many retreats later, a 2 year illness recovered from, and creating a business that was “downloaded” while on retreat in 2008, I now use the tools I’ve learned along the way to stay clear and in-line with my truth and direction in life.

This is what I’ll help you access during your complimentary Get Clear Now Session.

As a Transformational Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I guide and support heart centered people like you to break free of feeling stressed or stuck so you can live with more inner peace and extraordinary passion every day.

Clients and students describe me as compassionate, clear, intuitive, and genuine.

Here’s what you’ll get out of the GET CLEAR NOW complimentary breakthrough session:


  • A clue or clarity from within
  • A sense of peace or trust in the unknown
  • An action step you can take to develop your intuition and clarity for life
  • Discover the fear that is holding you back and a tip on how to break free from it.

Interested in grabbing one of only a handful of spots I’m offering this month for your complimentary GET CLEAR NOW session?

Please only request a GET CLEAR NOW Breakthrough session if you’re serious about taking action in your life, are willing to do what it takes instead of what is convenient, and are curious about exploring working together 1-on-1.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you see through the fog!

(Once you schedule, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions to help make it the most powerful session it can be. Please answer these questions promptly).

With love,

p.s. Do you prefer to have your Get Clear Now Session in person in Bozeman, Montana? If so, they will be available starting the first week of September 2015. Please send an email directly to me to request in-person.



“Angela, thank you so much for helping me believe in myself and for helping me develop the ability to truly hear my inner guidance.


“I am finally able to own my decisions without feeling inhibited by what others might think.”

“Angela is a wise, intuitive and compassionate mentor. I would highly recommend her for anyone who desires to put his or her her life on a purposeful, meaningful and heartfelt path.”

“I feel calmer, stronger and clearer about who I am and what I want in my life.” ~Evette

“I experience so much less stress and so much more joy!”


“I now speak of compassion and forgiveness … often…


“I am now able to listen to and trust my intuition.”


“Within weeks, I had a voice, and the courage to do what I needed for me.” ~Natascha



PS. The moment I opened up, truly listened to, and trusted that still small voice that was quietly whispering in the background, was the moment when my life began to blossom.


The one voice I was so afraid to listen to was actually the one that held my power, my truth, my voice, my creativity, and most of all… my love for, and belief, in myself.


It happened when I stopped trying to figure it all out on my own. When I stopped trying to make things happen, and actually listened to inner guidance and surrendered to a greater spirit I’m a part of…. AND trusted. 


It’s your time dear friend. Take a powerful step today and find out what’s possible within you... I believe in you – you’re an incredible light in the world!



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