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Reclaim Your Life:
The Power of the Mind to Heal Chronic Pain and Illness

couldn’t walk more than 200 feet before needing to lie down to let the back spasms dissipate. I also had become highly sensitive to technology, feeling sick from using the cell phone, computer and sleeping with wifi.

Within one month of learning how to rewire my brain, I was going for 3-hour runs AND after 10 months was healed from technology sensitivity. I continue to feel the best of my life. Some call it a miracle. Some call it science. I say it’s both.

Rewiring the brain is based on the science of neuroplasticity: the fact that the brain is changeable, not static. It’s the greatest breakthrough in neuroscience in the last 400 years and is driving a revolution in health care as well as personal growth.

I learned how to activate the growth and repair chemicals my body naturally produces, and now have my full health and happiness back – and then some.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza writes about in his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, only 5% of all illness/diseases/ailments are related to genetics (and even those can be changed). 95% of all illness/ diseases/ailments are related to one or more of these three things: lifestyle choices, chronic stress, or environmental toxins.

When we’re in a state of stress, the brain releases adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine. The body does this so we have the energy to run from the tiger or lion that’s chasing us (think primitive times).

But now most Westerners are in a constant or chronic stress that is producing these chemicals on an almost daily basis, or when we’re going through a difficult time from health, career, finances, relationships, or loss of someone or something.

When the stress stops, however, the brain often goes on using the same neural pathway, so pain and other ailments continue because that’s what the brain has been doing over time – literally the brain get’s stuck in a rut.

The result can be chronic pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chemical, food, EMF, and mold sensitivities, lyme disease, anxiety, PTSD, inflammatory conditions, auto-immune diseases, and more from the constant flood of these chemicals.

When we learn to rewire the brain, we can activate all the growth and repair chemicals of the brain including dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin by combining an elevated emotional state (joy, gratitude, happiness) with an intention (imagining yourself running, dancing, living your purpose, feeling peaceful, doing what you want your body to be doing).

This literally changes the cellular structure of your body and creates new neural pathways in the brain to hardwire happiness and health, and brings the body back in to homeostasis.

The byproduct bonus of rewiring the brain includes (but isn’t limited to) gratitude, joy, happiness, peace, youthful energy, contentment and more.

Your body has infinite intelligence of thousands of years to draw upon.

Learn how to activate it in my upcoming talk, where I’ll share my own story of healing from chronic pain and EMF sensitivity and give you the tools to do the same (and share all the other extraordinary changes my body had as well).

Can’t wait to see you at this free talk in Bozeman or join me live-streaming (click here to send an email for live-stream log-in details)!



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