Before I started working with Angela I was feeling very insecure about myself, questioning life and whether I could trust myself in making important decisions. For years, I’d been searching for a program that not only spoke to me but worked. I tried several methods, including different types of therapy, exercise, books, and medication, and

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The biggest thing I learned from working with Angela is to listen to my anxiety and also to surrender.  I’ve also learned that there are times to push forward and times to let go and let others help you.

Deciding to work with Angela was one of the best things I ever did for myself.  From finding celebrations each day to realizing that we have life habits that slowly need to be changed to fully loving ourselves and others unconditionally and everything in between, this program made an impact on my life.

Through working with Angela, I am able to wait to react to situations until my initial emotional response has had time to cool. I am able to see actions and interactions from someone else’s perspective much more quickly and easily and to value that perspective instead of dismissing it.

After working with Angela, I have opened up to the idea of pursuing my passions, finding the courage to leave my job to take one that more closely aligns with what I want to do with my life.

In her 1-on-1 program, Angela suggested practical, intuitively-based assignments to help me stimulate my own intuition and remember the love for others that I had long ago buried. My sense of zeal in the spiritual adventure has been awakened.

Angela is a beautiful person and inspiring and supportive coach. I feel more peaceful, more connected to myself. My purpose is gradually unfolding and I continue to invite and embrace more fun and intuition into my days.

Angela is a wonderful person to have in one’s life.  She is a loving, supportive presence that has been very valuable.

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