I love the warmth of summer, but the moment it turns to fall, my body does a little happy dance too. Time to spend evenings on the couch reading my new favorite book, or trying a new recipe (I’m kinda getting into this cooking thing – miracles never cease to happen!). The fun mania of

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Summer in Montana is a bit manic. We’re all trying to fit in everything we can outside in the short amount of time we have. I heard a great joke recently from my friend Kathleen when it snowed on summer solstice (seriously, it did): Two Montanan’s were talking and one said, “Gosh, I really love

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After a 9 month sabbatical, I share what I’ve learned on this deep spiritual journey

While during an 8 day silent retreat, I had an unexpected conversation with God.

Healing from childhood religion isn’t easy, but it’s important. Here’s my adventurous journey in doing so.

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