19 Miracles in 5 Days

I can’t say exactly what a miracle is, but I would quantify what I witnessed last week (along with what I witness in my practice when someone sees them self as whole and complete for the first time) as a miracle.

And not just one, but several a day, including in myself.

One year ago, overnight, my body became very sensitive to technology, feeling sick from just a minute or two using my cell phone or computer. It radically shifted how I interacted with the world, living in fear of becoming sick when I went to a friends, out to dinner, to my accountants – anywhere where there was technology.

Fast forward 5 months, and I began to feel better and not so reactive to technology while spending time in Costa Rica (last week’s workshop gave me the “why” of why that happened.

Two months later, hip and back pain started while on a one month silent retreat in Big Sur. The last 6 months have been focused on healing and becoming pain free.

I knew the technology has still been a challenge for my body and clarity of mind, so after reading Joe Dispenza’s You are the Placebo and Annie Hopper’s Wired for Healing (thanks for recommending the book Jen!), I knew my sensitivity was originating in the brain, and that I could change that. I could actually rewire my brain.

I signed up for Annie’s workshop in Santa Fe, trusting that my intuition was telling me the right step to take (and was it right!!!).

Here are the gems of what I learned and witnessed from this workshop:

The brain is neuroplastic – meaning it has the ability to change form and create new neural pathways at any stage or age in life from any condition, illness, or challenge someone is facing.

Many mysterious illnesses, chronic pain, inflammation, viruses, toxins, etc. are caused from an over-firing of the Limbic System of the brain, the part of the brain that carries feeling and the fight or flight response. The limbic system, in many of these cases, has gotten stuck in the fight or flight response interpreting things as threats, even when they’re not, and doesn’t know how to shut off.

It’s often a result of the “perfect storm” of events – stressful childhood, divorce, job, financial situation etc., combined with exposure to environmental toxins (chemicals, radiation, etc.), and throw in some anger, resentment, anxiety, and it result in the limbic system getting out of whack.

It is not the fault of the person experiencing it. It is no one’s fault. Simply the result of several factors coming together in this journey of being human on this planet as it is now.

It’s important to tell you my own experience so you can understand how radical these changes are in my own body over the 5 days.

I’ve been experiencing less and less back and hip pain over the last 6 months (thanks to physical therapy!), to where it was a .5 to 1 most of the time (instead of a 5).

The day I left for Santa Fe, a student from the last meditation class who’s now free of back pain, recommended a book called Healing Back Pain by John Sarno (thanks Craig!).

I read it on the plane and was completely blown away by the concept: back, hip and shoulder pain is caused from tension (stress, repressed anger, anxiety, etc.). It’s the subconscious mind diverting the attention away from the uncomfortable emotions so the conscious mind focuses on the pain instead¬† – what a concept!

So I used my body as an experiment. I took his recommendation, and didn’t focus on the pain. I would divert my attention elsewhere as soon as I noticed it. And sure enough the pain would go away and show up somewhere else, just like he said it would! The subconscious mind is very smart!

The pain was barely there 3 days later, so I decided to go tango dancing in Santa Fe (one of the best places in the country to dance ūüôā and the night before my workshop started.

I woke up Monday morning with shooting pain down my left leg – oops, too much tango. But I was optimistic, I now had a tool of the mind – and I was about to learn something completely transformative to my healing, not only for my sensitivity to technology, but the pain.

My hip pain decreased by half of what it was the day before each day of the workshop! I tested the waters the 3rd day and ran 200 feet, no increase in pain. Then ran 1/4 mile the 4th day with no increase in pain (I haven’t run for 2 years!).

I went tango dancing again a couple days later and had no increase of pain!

I’ve typically become inflamed by pushing the envelope like I was, and this time, not at all. A miracle.

My creative juices have started to flow again, and my body’s sensitivity to technology is decreasing. Awesome!!!

Here’s some of the many miracles I witnessed in others:

A woman who’s been chemical sensitive for 30 years, walking with a cane for the last 8 months, was able to put down her cane, walk without support and stand up on a chair by herself on the second day.

A woman who’s been living in her car for the last 2 years because her body reacts to everything (mold, chemicals, etc.), couldn’t smell the carpeting in her room by day 3 (normally her body would be hyper smelling everything).

A man who’s experienced obssessive compulsive behavior was relaxing in the sun with a smile on his face by day 4.

A young woman who’s body shakes from nervous system overload from toxins, mold, etc. had a calmer body, smiling, feeling more relaxed and stopped taking her pain meds by day 4.

And the one that brings tears to my eyes to write about (well, they all do, but this one especially) a 60+ woman, who ran for Congress before her illness began, and has been bed bound, loss of speech, motor function, and needed someone to hold on to walk anywhere, on the 5th day, got up from her chair to accept a gift from Annie and Michelle (the facilitators), walking 20 feet by herself to them (no one spoke a word), and walked 20 feet back to her chair, by herself and sitting down. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, even those who hadn’t shed a tear yet were crying. We all stood and gave her a standing ovation. Another miracle.

She was showing each of us how to have olympic determination.

I could go on and on with what I witnessed in people, but I’ll save it for another blog post.

I’m committed to practice every day for 1 hour for the next 6 months of the process we learned. I do it after I get off the computer, to train my limbic system there’s another way, and create a new neural pathway.

When I feel un-motivated, I think of these people, wanting each of them to heal as much as I want it for myself.

We’re a tribe. Together. Supporting each other in this journey.

To find out more about this program, check it out here. It goes to the root and treats conditions such as chemical, mold, and food sensitivities, lyme disease, PTSD, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, EMF sensitivity, and more. Watch the video testimonials. You’ll get to witness the miracles of this program too! And please share this blog and/or program with anyone you know suffering from these conditions!


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About the Author: Angela Patnode

My passion, my calling, is for you to be totally you. Through private coaching, in-depth retreats, and online group coaching programs, I help you tap into your intuition and clarify your desires and vision, I guide you to take active steps toward making your desires a reality.

4 comments to “19 Miracles in 5 Days

  1. Nancy

    Yeah Angela! So glad to hear that you found your medicine. Let the healing finally take hold and give you back your life!

    1. Angela Patnode

      Thanks Nancy! I’m so happy and excited!

  2. Barbara Lee

    Hi Angela,
    I was wondering if you have compared this program with Gupta’s program. I am ready to embark on purchasing one of the DVD series and a very interested in your opinion/research/experience in comparing the two programs. Thank you for this article ‚Äď Janet Chaikin sent it to me. I think I remember you from a meditation group years ago. I am so excited for the prospect of healing!
    Barbara Lee

    1. Angela Patnode

      Hello Barbara,
      Thanks for asking about the two programs. I don’t have any knowledge or experience with Gupta’s program, so I can’t say. I can only speak to my experience with Annie Hopper’s program and how much it has transformed my health and continues to do so.
      You may want to read Annie’s book called “Wired for Healing” which will give you an idea of if you have a limbic system impairment. Either way, the program can be very helpful – even if it’s just for your state of mind and heart! Much love and well wishes with your healing – you can heal!!!

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