Finding the silver lining in a challenge

Five weeks ago something totally unexpected happened…

I had been doing my usual 4-6 hours a week on the computer, with one particular week closer to 10 hours, when suddenly my body said “no more.”

Meaning, any time on the computer or phone (technology), I now get physically ill – nausea, increased heart rate, head pressure, vertigo, and feel like I have my finger in a light socket.

It’s affecting my nervous system.

My body has always been sensitive to frenetic energy like big cities, freeways, and loud noise, but not this much.

I learned it’s something called EMF (electromagnetic field) that the technology gives off that causes it. Some people become so sensitive to it they have to quit their job.

I mired in fear for a while. “How can I run my business?” and “How can I create this new website that demands so much computer time?”

My mind was swirling in the toilet bowl.

I put out a plea out on Facebook. I needed help. Fast. (Asking for help has not been one of my stronger points).

Acupuncture has since helped calm my nervous system and I’m wearing a bead that’s supposed to help block the EMF. I’ve also cut down to one hour a week on the computer.

It’s all an experiment on how to navigate this new challenge.

And all is truly well (I remind myself of this when I get frustrated and scared.)

I can still do what I do best and what’s at the heart of my work – helping people find more peace and joy through coaching and teaching. (Thank goodness for Bluetooth!)

The bright side of all this?

I now have three incredible people helping me: Kerie, who types and formats my newsletters and blog while I dictate over the phone, Bridget, who is helping me put all the pieces for my new website into place (which is going to be totally awesome), and one – my wonderful mom – who is spending countless hours on the computer for me doing research and planning our holiday trip to Costa Rica.

I’m so thankful for all the help! I needed to do this months (to be honest – years) ago, but there’s nothing like force to make it happen.

In almost every challenge of my life, I can honestly say and know there was, and is, a diamond or bright side to each of them.

Anxiety was the greatest gift of my life because it started me on the spiritual path and led me to my life’s calling.

Getting a virus in my head for two years led to letting go of being identified with my body and learning how to open to what is.

Having my cat pass on last year has given me permission to travel and adventure again and experience the full human spectrum of love and loss (I’d love to have him back, but that’s not an option).

What’s the silver lining for you?

  • Pick one challenge from your life or current one and open to the possibility that there is something to learn from it now or from when you were in it.
  • Did you learn about the gift of letting go?
  • Did you meet someone new that otherwise you wouldn’t have?
  • Was there an opportunity that came along that otherwise wouldn’t have?
  • Do you now see yourself in a new way?
  • Did it break open your heart so you can learn to truly love and be free?

Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and learn, to stretch the mind in new ways and see the little gems hidden in the dark corners.

Look. Really look..

They exist. I promise.

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About the Author: Angela Patnode

My passion, my calling, is for you to be totally you. Through private coaching, in-depth retreats, and online group coaching programs, I help you tap into your intuition and clarify your desires and vision, I guide you to take active steps toward making your desires a reality.

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