What are you Most Grateful for?

It’s that time of year, when thanks and giving (and let’s not forget black Friday) are the theme. Maybe we feel it, maybe we don’t (and maybe we shop and maybe we don’t).

It was interesting – when our Sophia (women’s) group got together for dinner this week, one of the women said, “Let’s all say what we’re grateful for.” Slowly we went around around the table, each of us sharing.

And you know the one thing that each of said that we’re grateful for? Family: children, parents, siblings, spouses, even community – each of us had a story of a family member holding us, giving to us, making us laugh, or supporting us.

The connection with the people in our life is what mattered the most when we got down to the nitty gritty – when we looked at what was most valuable.

It honestly surprised me coming out of my mouth since I’d basically “run away” from my family at 17, never wanting to look back – and now? They are one of the most important parts of my life.

This Thanksgiving holiday, say a prayer for your family – a prayer of thanks – whether you like them the way they are or you don’t – they’re yours and will always be.

Happy Thanksgiving. May it be a time of joy, laughter, silliness, and connection!

Before you visit family – watch the video below. Louie will open your heart to the wonder of life. You might show up at the dinner table with the gift of gratitude in your heart!

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