Honoring Your Feminine Side

As I continue my journey of growth and evolving, I continue the unfolding of my feminine side. Until I was 35, I rejected my feminine side. This included dressing in more masculine clothes, ignoring my wisdom and intuition, dis-respecting feminine power, and seeing heart and emotions as “weak.”  Then one day, when I went to see my favorite spiritual intuitive, Elaine Huang, she said to me, “you reject being a woman.” Through tears, I wanted to say no, but I knew she was right. 

I had been doing this since I was a little girl: Since watching my brother receive more attention from my Dad, and felt the pain of that. Since witnessing the “dominance” my dad seemed to have of my Mom. These were my perceptions, and maybe there was some reality to them, maybe not, but from then on I decided that being a girl/woman meant that I would not be treated equally in this world, and to be treated equal, I needed to have the qualities of a man: strong, unwavering, non-emotional, logical, practical.

Now I know that living from only the masculine side of myself was being untrue to myself, rejecting part of who I am, and eliminates one of the greatest gifts we have as a human being: our mind, body, heart, and spirit connection. In order for us to be complete and whole, we need to recognize and honor both parts of ourselves. When we deny either part, the masculine or feminine, we deny ourselves and our potential during this life. 

Since living from both traits, my life is full. Full of love, full of connection, full of trust, full of wisdom, and full of life. Men and women have both traits and can develop both. And this was a gradual path for me, it takes time to develop. It’s also important to see how our culture and most cultures deny the feminine so that we can recognize it and move forward. (When I say masculine, I’m not referring to men, but the masculine traits as stated above, and same for feminine…)

As Eckart Tolle says in his book, A New Earth, “It seems certain that during a three-hundred-year period between three and five million women were tortured and killed by the “Holy Inquisition,” (founded by the Roman Catholic Church)…..It was enough for a woman to show a love for animals, walk alone in the fields or woods, or gather medicinal plants…We now have a situation in which the suppression of the feminine has become internalized, even in most women.” He goes on to say that the sacred feminine, however, is returning rapidly as consciousness develops in the world. 

There is no one to blame for this, only to see it as an opportunity to wake up, and develop all of who we are. To honor all of ourselves. Why? To allow our gifts as an individual to come forward, as well as for the planet. The feminine honors nature, honors the family, honors community, partnership, creativity, heart feelings, intuition, inner wisdom, universal wisdom. The world needs this as much as each of us needs to honor this within ourselves. 

Develop and honor your sacred feminine traits:

  • Do some kind of art or music
  • Take a walk and notice what you are grateful for in nature
  • Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Recognize your power through not playing “nice” or “small”
  • Nurture yourself

And the masculine traits are equally as important. We need the logical, practical, scientific sides of ourselves as well, and to recognize that being “strong” does not have to mean nonemotional, but knowing that being strong means having the strength to walk into our fears, the courage to take responsibility for our actions, and the wisdom to share our hearts. This is what it means to be strong.

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About the Author: Angela Patnode

My passion, my calling, is for you to be totally you. Through private coaching, in-depth retreats, and online group coaching programs, I help you tap into your intuition and clarify your desires and vision, I guide you to take active steps toward making your desires a reality.

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