Intuition always knows (and anxiety leads the way)

Six months ago, while spending a few days at a cabin in Big Sur, California, I had complete clarity that this was the cabin I’d spend a month meditating and in silence in the spring of 2016.

I’d been knowing it was time for this length of retreat for awhile, but I wasn’t sure where and when until I was at this cabin.

However, two weeks ago I received an email from the owner, unsure of whether he could have someone there for that time.

My heart sank.

It felt so right, where else?

Then I thought, “Why not Costa Rica? I’m here, it’s beautiful, and could be perfect for a personal retreat.”

I started looking around, asking people about secluded cabins with tranquility.

There were so many options! I found 2 great cabins that would work well.
But something wasn’t sitting right inside me.

I was having anxiety, intuitive anxiety – the kind that comes when I’m not listening to my inner wisdom.

I felt unsettled, and the grumblings of inner conflict going on.

I ignored it and questioned it for a few days as I kept looking at different cabins to stay in.

I wanted to have a plan. And I was fearful of not having a place to do this retreat in.

Finally, I knew I needed to look deeply at what was going on – with an open mind, not out of fear.

I returned to a huge old growth tree I passed the day before, having a sense I needed to return to it the next day, not knowing why.
So I did.

I sat under that tree for an hour as I listened to the birds, the wind, and what intuition was telling me.

Through time it said softly, “Let go of looking for a place here. Trust that Big Sur will work out. That is where you will do the retreat. It is important that it happens there.”

I immediately felt relief. The anxiety went away and a great peace came over me.

The inner conflict was gone.

I still don’t know if the cabin in Big Sur will work out, but right now, I’m trusting that SOMETHING will work out there.
And it was a clear reminder that “I’m” not in charge.

There is a greater force working that I don’t understand, but it’s there and guides me.

You have this inner wisdom too.

Anxiety has a message for you. To move out of fear and beliefs and live from your inner wisdom.

Sit quietly with an open mind and heart and listen, truly listen to what it’s saying.
Not what you think it should be or for the answer you want, but for the Truth of what intuition is saying.

There is peace and clarity within this Truth.

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