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The word conviction is the quality of showing that one is convinced of what he or she believes or says. Conviction means you are “sticking to your guns”, your beliefs, your thoughts, your ideas. 

More and more I am convinced that it is our conviction, more than anything, that determines our outcomes.

As an artist, I feel blessed to have some of God-given talent.

Still, I spent at least 20 years lacking the conviction needed to take the risk of quitting my job and investing in myself enough to begin to live my life creatively, and to fully engage my talents. 

When I began to question how I wanted to live life, and realized that I wanted to life my life fully engaged, I knew changes had to be made.

Oddly enough, the realization that change was needed came a year before the big event actually presented itself to me.

During those months preparation was happening. 

I prepared myself by asking “how” questions, like: 

“How can I support myself and manage to paint full time? How can I pay my bills and be a full time, professional artist?”

Most days my internal answer was “I don’t know — yet.” So I kept the door of possibility ajar and waited for a wind (an idea) to blow it open.

While waiting, I went on retreats and invested in myself by buying books on personal growth. I bought art supplies. I still had a job and chose to invest in the tools needed to move forward, even though I really didn’t know where I was going.

Some of my relationships faltered as I continued to go to bed early so I could get up early to paint. All of this was conviction at work. 

Opportunity happens when chance meets preparation, and even then it often looks like “Hard Work”.

There are as many ways to paint, as there are people. There are as many reasons to paint too. 

Some people paint to reach inner stillness, meditation. Others paint as a form of creative outlet and self-expression. Still others paint to cover their walls with their own art. Most don’t paint to earn a living; and for good reason … it’s not that simple!

No matter why you paint, it is your intention, your conviction, and your persistence that will dictate your results, far more than your talent.

Talent is way over-rated! This might be true because many people lack the conviction to follow their dreams. It’s been said that many people give up ten minutes before the miracle happens.

If you love to paint, hone your conviction, maintain your belief in yourself, keep painting, stay on track, never quit, and you will be amazed by your results.

Invest in yourself and your conviction. Take classes, read books and magazines; go on retreats, attend lectures and seminars. Take note of the ideas, people, and thoughts that spark your enthusiasm for living. Follow their lead when it feels right.

Mostly pay attention to your inner self and allow it to guide your life.

Then ask yourself this:   
“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

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