How to make a big decision

Making a big decision is not what most people think – it’s not “figuring it out.” It’s actually the opposite.

Last week I had a big decision to make, or at least it felt like one. I hardly slept the night before. I had 24 hours to decide (no pressure or anything :).

It was to take a course to retrain the limbic system of my brain so I’m not so sensitive or sensitive at all to computers and technology (I get sick – it started a year ago) or save the $3300 for something else, like savings or putting that money into my business, or travel, or….

I got up after a night of little sleep and felt tight all over my body. I didn’t want to make the “wrong” decision. My mind was trying to rationalize it – the amount it would cost vs. income vs. savings vs. debt. It was trying to do the “pro” and “con” thing – thus the tightness in my body.

I struggled all day.

I knew talking would help because I could hear myself out loud instead of just in my head. Over an hour I went on about this pro and that con, and finished with, “I don’t want to make a decision out of fear.”

That was the piece I was clear on.

My friend responded (thank goodness), “Well, what you’ve told me sounds like fear.”

Aha. Off I went to take a walk. I know walking by a river or creek helps me find clarity. So I went to one of my favorite trails and walked, and walked and walked. There was a small lollipop loop that I kept going around and around and around (seriously).

Each lap, my body relaxed more and my mind calmed down. Each lap I became more present. Each lap the fear softened and eventually disappeared, until all that was left was the answer – clear as day.

“I want my full health back.”

Period. End of sentence. No questions asked.

The money was worth it. Health is everything, and to reach the people and help the amount of people I want to help, not getting sick while being on the computer will allow me to do that.

My whole body relaxed and a sense of peace came over – literally.

I knew I’d take the course. Done deal. I slept wonderfully that night.

Intuition doesn’t work in the head. That’s not where you’ll find it. Intuition is in the now where thoughts often aren’t.

I still experience being very human, old patterns like the “pros and cons” dilemma, but I’ve got the tools to listen and trust. That’s the difference. You have the ability to listen and trust too. All the answers lie within you.

The answer that comes from a place of fear will be different from the answer that comes from your inner wisdom or higher self.

You can learn to tell the difference.

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About the Author: Angela Patnode

My passion, my calling, is for you to be totally you. Through private coaching, in-depth retreats, and online group coaching programs, I help you tap into your intuition and clarify your desires and vision, I guide you to take active steps toward making your desires a reality.

2 comments to “How to make a big decision

  1. Shawnee Spitler

    Loved this piece. I appreciated the part when you took yourself on the walk and let yourself walk the same loop over and over until a calm came and opened up the opportunity for your inner wisdom to speak and for you to hear it. Thank you Angela for writing it and sharing it.

    1. Angela Patnode

      I’m so glad it spoke to you Shawnee. The mind can be a powerful force, and there’s aways to calm it down. Thank goodness for meditation!

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