The gypsies meet Prince Charles and Lady Di

Wow, what a wild ride the world has been on this spring. You may be adapting to the new norm at this point or wishing it would return to the old. All is welcomed and understandable during this unprecedented time.

There are no rules or past experience to navigate it from. It’s like walking each moment with a blind fold on not sure where the next step is going to take us… incredibly humbling for our little i (ego).

My sheltering in place is about to come to an end here in California. Mom and I have been hunkered down since mid March in her private campground near Santa Barbara she’s called home for almost 2 years.

Life outside came to a halt in some ways for us in finding her a home on the central coast, while life on the inside continued to evolve and grow.

We’ve been sharing her little camper van, doing what we call “the camper van dance” – when one of us moves or needs something, the other needs to move or get it for the other – it’s a tight space.

I bump my head on average 3 times a day (being tall is not always an advantage!), and smile with envy at our next door neighbors in their HUGE trailer averaging 70 feet long – and five pull outs. We like to say we’re the gypsies camped next to Prince Charles and Lady Di. 

My car sits in the middle, also known as my bedroom (Subaru’s are great for that) where I have my personal space for sleeping (it’s some serious luxury here :).

But in the big picture of the world, we’re really fortunate to be here (despite the record breaking heat waves and biting flies). We have a place to live that’s comfortable and safe, and much like a bubble during the pandemic.

Mom and I continue to learn more and more about each other and how to live together in harmony. It’s a beautiful unfolding really, punctuated by moments of agitation and frustration as well joy and laughter. All very human.

We’ve both been doing lots of letting go, which I imagine you have been as well with the impacts of the pandemic. Mom has been letting go of having a house by spring yet keeps her hopes up.

We made a vision board of her dream house and miraculously found a place in the van to hang it:

We let go each day to WHAT IS in hopes of opening to what’s possible. The virus has been such a deep and difficult lesson on many levels and has also brought us some unforeseen gifts.

What I hear a lot is more TIME. That you or we have time to be, time to create, time to love, time to grieve, time to be present, time to do less. The rushing around has slowed down or stopped. It has given us time to connect with God, Spirit, Divine.

It has slowed us down to the natural frequency of our body, mind and spirit – our natural frequency of a human being

As much as we may want our life back as it was, perhaps we’ll take this new norm, and the wisdom we’ve gained, to incorporate the silver linings into our life. 

And as we let go into these new possibilities we must hold our little i with great care as she/he fears and/or resists each loss, each pain of letting go of the wants and desires, or loved ones – and the beliefs of life being a certain way or in a certain time frame. 

This is one of the greatest journeys of this time and one that can lead to, not only a closer connection to our God Self, but as a community impact in our world.

I send you a big hug as we, together, reopen life again into a new norm, a new possibility, and a new, yet ancient way of being that is known in our DNA.

I’ll be thinking of you as we leave our campground bubble June 1 for spots further north (cooler and no bugs), still hoping for that right house to come on the market soon. It will happen!

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About the Author: Angela Patnode

My passion, my calling, is for you to be totally you. Through private coaching, in-depth retreats, and online group coaching programs, I help you tap into your intuition and clarify your desires and vision, I guide you to take active steps toward making your desires a reality.

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