Clearing Out Clutter for Clarity

One spring, after years of living in a somewhat cluttered home, I decided it was time to clear out the space, in more ways than one. It was over a six month period, tackling one corner of the house per week. It started with simple places, like the kitchen table, the magazine rack, and the “throw everything here” corner of the living room.

I then moved to the more hidden spots, the places where it was easier to avoid dealing with the clutter: the kitchen cupboards, under the stove and refrigerator, the cleaning closet, under the couch, inside the file cabinets, the car, and finally the garage – where the items you know you’ll never use again get stored, for maybe decades.

I gave away (and threw away) boxes of unused or no longer used items. Anything I hadn’t used in the last year went goodbye. During this time I also spent 5-10 minutes a day getting off mailing lists asking me for donations – they were cluttering my mailbox, and I wasn’t interested in donating to them all.

I also went through my email, and unsubscribed from any mailing list I was not reading. ALL of this clutter takes up energy in our minds and bodies, detracting us from what is priority in our lives: making needed changes, stepping forward into all that we can be, living our dreams, and having the clarity to do this. 

There are books written about this topic along with a reality TV show following people around in their clutter. We find comfort in our attachment to material things, it’s a way for our sense of self to feel security, to feel safe with these “things” around us, but ultimately it keeps us stuck in our junk – literally and figuratively. We can’t change unhealthy mental habits when we are surrounded by clutter, we can’t say “I can” or “I will,” when there are stacks of papers, piles of unused items, and clothes we haven’t worn for a decade hanging in the closet.

When the last corner of the garage was cleaned out, and nothing remained to be de-cluttered, the vision for this business came through me. I know that it was a direct correlation to the creation of Evolutionary Teachings, and coming into my power as a mentor and coach. This is possible for you.

Take the time to clean the space around you, not just clean the surface, but dive into the file cabinets and get rid of the papers you no longer need or use, the fir balls in the corner, and the spice jars that sit empty. Recycle when possible, throw away if necessary, and give away that which can be used by others. Even trimming down on plants can energetically create space for you. Our energy is real, and when we take the time to clean out what is around us, we clean out the mental and emotional clutter as well. We create clarity for being all that we are meant to be on this planet, and it starts with our surroundings. 

Give it a try. Start with the easy stuff, a little at a time, and notice how your life changes from this simple (and sometimes difficult) task. You are worth it!

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About the Author: Angela Patnode

My passion, my calling, is for you to be totally you. Through private coaching, in-depth retreats, and online group coaching programs, I help you tap into your intuition and clarify your desires and vision, I guide you to take active steps toward making your desires a reality.

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