4 top clues to know it’s NOT your intuition talking

When I decided to go full time into my business, it wasn’t a quick decision, or an easy decision.

For years I waffled between the work I knew that was reliable income, and what my heart was pulling me toward (coaching and mentoring). I would teach another avalanche course, instruct another NOLS course, guide for a friend…

Just in case…

“What if I can’t pay the bills?” my mind would race.

Or, “What if nobody comes?” I thought.

So I kept dabbling in what was comfortable and what I knew to work for me. Yet my heart kept tugging. It wasn’t decreasing. In fact in was getting louder.

My mind argued, “I should take this avalanche contract – it’s guaranteed work.”

Yet there was no denying what I was being drawn toward – my soul’s purpose. My heart would sink when I stayed where I was comfortable.

I was being pulled between two worlds – what I knew was safe, and my soul’s purpose filled with absolute terror and awe. 

The terror? It was my ego’s way of saying, “What if you fail?” “What if this isn’t the right path?” “What if nobody likes you?” “What if nobody wants to pay for what you have to offer?”

And finally, I stepped. I stepped off the cliff. I use those words because that’s exactly what it felt like when I decided to leave behind the comfort job – the one that as reliable – to really launch my business. 

I was scared out of my mind. I knew I had two options – I could worry or I could trust, so I chose to do both, but I trusted more than I worried.

I told my mind that everything was going to be o.k. That we’d be supported and people would come (that was my wisdom talking). 

My mind continued to fight for control, but my wisdom was right and it’s the voice I listened to.

You might ask “How do I know when it’s my intuition vs. fear or beliefs that are talking?”

Great question.

Here’s a filter I use all the time in my own life to help me know which voice is speaking. If these words start the sentence in your head, it’s the voice of fear or beliefs (NOT your intuition):

  1. What if…
  2. I should/shouldn’t…
  3. I’m suppose to/I’m not suppose to…
  4. Yes, but…

Watch for these words – they’re sneaky, and they’ll come in when you least expect it. Watch what comes out of your mouth talking to a friend when you are trying to make a decision about something – notice what you say.

“What if” is based in fear and the rest are beliefs/judgments.

Here’s how to counteract them: 

  • Intuition works in the present moment. It won’t lay out the whole plan for you. Know this, and guide yourself from this place. One bread crumb at a time. Life is uncertain – be certain in your uncertainty.
  • Intuition is in your body, not in your head (read last week’s post to find out how).
  • Change the “I should” into “I want…” and be open to how the sentence finishes.
  • Change the “Yes, but…” to Yes, and…” and be open to how the sentence finishes.
  • TRUST and take one step at a time.

Listening to my intuition has brought me to my purpose. It’s brought me deeper friendships, it’s created peace between my heart and my head, and above all, it’s led me to true happiness. What could be more valuable?

To learn how to listen to, and trust your intuition and inner wisdom, join me for my acclaimed upcoming workshop, “Unlock your Intuition: Finding the Wisdom within YOU.” Learn practical, everyday tools for living in-line with your heart and soul. It’s real and it works.

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About the Author: Angela Patnode

My passion, my calling, is for you to be totally you. Through private coaching, in-depth retreats, and online group coaching programs, I help you tap into your intuition and clarify your desires and vision, I guide you to take active steps toward making your desires a reality.

3 comments to “4 top clues to know it’s NOT your intuition talking

  1. Patrice

    Great clues Angela! Thanks for sharing them with all of us.
    Aloha, Patrice

  2. Cristen

    Thank you for this!

    1. Angela Patnode

      You’re welcome!

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