Are Intuitive Dreams For Real?

I had a dream the other night – it was really vivid.

I was swimming in the ocean with a snorkel or scuba dive gear – not sure which one, but the water felt very real.

When I first poked my nose and eyes under the water, everything was really cloudy – I couldn’t see more than 1 feet in front of me. There were lots of “things” floating around in the water: seaweed, particles, fish. 

I felt scared. I couldn’t see – I couldn’t seeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then miraculously, the water started to become more clear. I could see 2 feet, then 3 feet, then 10 feet, until it was crystal clear – everything came into focus. There were colorful fish, beautiful seaweed and plants, and a light coming through the water. 

The fear released into relaxation and excitement.

Then I woke up.

My first thought was, “Things are going to become clear.” “Trust.”

I’ve been in a bit of a fog the last 2 months, knowing I’m being guided to move, or explore some new places, but lacking the clarity to know what direction to go in.

I even went to an astrologer two weeks ago to ask the question, “Can you tell me what cardinal direction to drive from Bozeman?” 

She said, “It’s not so much the place, but the people there. You’ll meet someone or be invited to, that will provide you clarity for what’s to come.”

Interesting – similar message to my underwater dream.

Can dreams be intuitive? Absolutely. Is this based on scientific evidence? Absolutely not. It’s based on my personal experience over the years of having intuitive dreams.

Here’s what I know that I want to pass on to you. You can experiment with it, and notice your own experience to decide whether they are or aren’t intuitive. 

Intuition, as defined by the wonderful source of Wikipedia says it’s, “the ability to understand something, without the need for conscious reasoning.” It comes from the Latin word Intueri which means, “to see within.”

Intuition has no rational, logical step by step process behind it. It’s like a puzzle that’s put together in the moment or over time.

Dreams are a piece of that puzzle.

When I’m in a time of wanting clarity I will ask for guidance through a dream. Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t. But I know when they do because they have a very distinctive difference from the rest of my dreams.

Here’s how to know an intuitive dream from one that’s not:

  • It’s really vivid. You can see and feel the dream as if you’re there in person.
  • You wake up with a knowing about it. A voice in your mind/body says, “this was a message, or intuition” and out pops the message into your mind.
  • There’s a sense of curiosity. Wanting more information from the dream or after the dream, like it’s part of a puzzle that you’re putting together.

For me, I have intuitive dreams maybe once or twice a year. It’s not something that happens every night. But when they do, they are clear as a bell.

Want to cultivate having intuitive dreams?

Ask for them before you go to bed. Ask a specific question you want an answer to, and see what happens. When you wake in the morning, take a few moments in bed to breathe and see if anything comes up that you remember from the night. If so, write it down in your journal when you get up.

Have patience with this and know that you are guided and supported on your journey!


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About the Author: Angela Patnode

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