What miraculous healings have in common

I sat down next to Mary in the front row. I wanted to soak up as much as I could while attending a workshop with Caroline Myss (author, medical intuitive and modern day Mystic) and Dr. Jeffrey Rediger (professor at Harvard Medical School) on Mysticism, Miracles, and Medicine.

Mary had a glow about her, a vibrancy and a joy that found me wanting to know more. As we chatted, she tells me Dr. Jeffrey invited her here to share her story of her miraculous healing from cancer.

I’ll get back to Mary’s story in a minute, but first a couple of things:

Over the course of the weekend, it was extraordinary to listen to story after story of people who’ve defied medical rules. The ones western medicine calls a “fluke,” or they’ve come up with the words “spontaneous remission” for cancers that go away.

The world miracle isn’t used in western medicine.

We hear of the statistics – the 20% chance of survival, the “incurable” cases, but Dr. Jeffrey is a pioneer – he’s documenting all the people who’ve defied these statistics and have healed, documenting them in a book soon to be published.

These are the stories you don’t hear about in the news, so I’m going to tell you about Mary and then share a common theme among all those who’ve healed from seemingly incurable illnesses.

Mary grew up in a Mormon household, and as she said, “being the good girl,” yet rebelling at the same time. She felt internally conflicted with what she was being told at home and what her heart was telling her.

Fast forward – she is pregnant at 16, and suddenly figuring out life on her own. She manages well in taking care of herself and her newborn son, while beginning to have pain in her body. Over the years, the chronic pain continues and intensifies, and new ailments are added on: unexplained rashes, fibromyalgia, fatigue, and lyme disease.

She continues holding herself together, accepting it, raising her son, while getting treatments in hopes that something will shift.

Until one day she is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The kind of cancer that has no hope. It’s a large mass in her neck enveloping her artery to her brain.

She’s given 2 to 4 months to live.

She go’s home and makes a list – the “what is most important for me to take care of before I die?” list.

Mary thinks about her parents finding all the pictures she has of her in bikinis drinking beer after she dies. She feels shame and guilt. She knows this will greatly hurt her parents to see these.

So Mary takes the boxes of photos she has and begins to put them in a shredder. As she does this, she has joy in remembering these times, but what also is happening is the shame and guilt are let go with the shredding.

Great sobs come through her, very cathartic and releasing.

Within 4 days of doing this, the tumor in her neck shrinks by 1/2 inch (incredible right?).

She continues releasing by forgiveness, she listens to a guided meditation called “Healing Pools and Waterfalls” by Patti Conklin for an hour a day forgiving herself and those she resents in her life.

She experiences peace for the first time in her life.

Her tumor shrinks another 1/2 inch (I know – gasp!).

She said she was literally “shitting out death” – the cancer tissues were coming out in her poop.

The tumor continued to shrink 1/2 inch every week, eventually disappearing completely. Gone, zero. All ailments disappeared. It’s been a few years and she’s living in a healthy body and healthy heart.

Sitting next to each other we talked about how we both feel better now than before our illness and how grateful we are for it. It was truly a gift!

So what is a common theme with these folks who are healing miraculously? There a few and I’m going to give you one that you probably realized from Mary’s story.

Caroline says it like this, “The more psychological weight we have, the longer we have to wait for healing, happiness, peace, contentment, and fulfillment.”

So what is the “weight” that she refers to? It’s the resentment, the shame, the guilt, the conflict (disharmony with others), the regret, and the fear that get stuffed into the cells of our body with no where to go.

Pay attention to your thoughts – about others, about yourself, about life, and you’ll get a sense of what the weight is for you.

We cannot deny the link between the mind, emotions, and body. To do so is ignoring a key piece to your happiness, your health, and your vibrancy.

Someone asked Caroline, “So should I shred all my photos then? Or delete them from my camera?”

Her response was, “Do what you need to do to get ride of the weight. If that means shredding your pictures, then do it. If it means going through your personal belongings and getting rid of anything you haven’t used for a year, then do it.”

In other words, where are you holding on to the past, that is keeping you stuck; or how much of your mind is in the fear of what might happen instead of being here right now?

When working with clients on forgiving someone they’ve been hurt by, I literally see a lighter person walk out the door.

There are other common themes of miraculous healings that I’ll share in another post, but for now ask yourself these questions so you can begin to release the weight of the past:

  • With whom am I not at peace with in my life (your parents are a good place to start :)?
  • Do I have shame or guilt from the past that I’m still holding on to? If so, with what?
  • What is the relationship I currently have with myself and what do I want it to be?

Whether you have a completely healthy body or desire to heal, this applies to you. I promise you’ll feel a lot more at peace by doing so.

Want to release this stuff but don’t know how? Find a teacher, a mentor, a coach, or a friend who’s walked this path. Listen to and act on your inner guidance. There’s no time to start like right now.

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