The Cost of Being Busy

Maybe you’ve had this happen…

You pull up to get gas at the gas station (running late to somewhere), fill up the tank (while you’re filling up the tank you’re thinking that you still need to get to the store for some milk and bread, pick up the laundry at the dry-cleaners, do your taxes, and cook dinner for yourself or family, all before you go to your yoga class tonight), and drive away…with the gas nozzle still in your car…”SH@#$T” you scream, “I don’t have time for this!”

That was me by the way. I drove away with the gas nozzle still in my car – on the way to a meditation class. How funny is that?! I sat in the car looking at the nozzle in the rear view mirror, took a deep breath and said, “I didn’t just do that, did I?”

I did do that (it didn”t break the hose – there is an automatic pull release because apparently it happens all the time), and it taught me something. 

I was too busy in my head and in my life to slow down enough to take the gas nozzle out of the car before I drove off. It woke me up.

Busy. Crazy busy. Stupid busy. Too busy. Overwhelmed. Overextended. Comfortable with being busy? Or tired of being busy? Then this post is for you.

Our culture says that to be busy is to be productive. To be busy is to be successful. To be busy is to look important and have worth.

And it’s ALL A CROCK OF SH@#$T.

You keep yourself busy for two (usually unconscious) reasons:
I’m going to be really direct here…

  • To avoid the discomfort you feel when you slow down. It’s safer to be busy than be uncomfortable with the “yucky” feelings.
  • You feel inadequate deep inside, like there isn’t enough time, money, or love, but basically you believe you’re not enough to fit the bill next to your friends, family and community.

So you stay busy: busy with work, busy with the family, busy with doing, busy with social engagements, busy with thinking, busy with planning, busy emailing, busy texting, busy, busy, busy. Gosh, I feel exhausted just writing this.

And that leads me to share what it’s costing you to be so busy.


Still being direct here because I want you to get this.

Being busy totally disconnects you from your Being – your Soul, your creativity, your heart, your love, your peace, your purpose. Ultimately everything that brings you joy and fulfillment. 

Ask yourself, “Does being this busy feel fulfilling to me?”

Listen to the answer…in your heart, not your mind.

My guess is NO.

Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly, says that “The busier and more frenetic we are, the more we feel scarcity.” Meaning that business leads to feeling more not enough-ness, not less.

So what to do about it…

  • Right now, think about what matters to your most in your life – is it going down the to do list and ticking things off, or connection with people.
  • Ask yourself why you keep yourself so busy – look for the TRUTH.
  • Take a deep breath, and decide on one thing this week you are going to say NO to (something that doesn’t feed your soul).
  • Find guidance to help you get out of this way of living your life – it doesn’t have to be this way. Your health and well-being matters. Living your purpose matters. Being balanced matters. You matter. I work with clients to create these exact results, and I can help YOU get out of busy mode too.

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About the Author: Angela Patnode

My passion, my calling, is for you to be totally you. Through private coaching, in-depth retreats, and online group coaching programs, I help you tap into your intuition and clarify your desires and vision, I guide you to take active steps toward making your desires a reality.

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