No More “I Can’t.”

Life is a choice. It’s all a choice. I’m not talking about the events of life, but how you respond to those events, whether you like them or not.

And how you respond to the opportunities in your life.

How many times today, this week, or this month have you said the words, “I can’t” to yourself or someone else?

I want you to wake up to something: Every time you say these words, you are subconsciously or consciously being the “victim” of life. 

When I say them, I have this sinking feeling in my chest, and I feel “small” inside.

Why? Because I’m giving my power over to a belief that “I can’t” instead of making it a choice of doing or not doing something.

Here’s an example from my life…

A few years ago, I decided I would compete in a well known race at my local ski hill, Bridger Bowl, where competitors hike up and ski down a 300 foot ridge as many times as they can in 5 hours.

The winners get the title of Queen or King of the Ridge. I first thought, “I can’t do that race, I’ll die. I mean, I’ll be a pile of goo at the bottom. And they’ll have to carry me off the mountain.”

The next year, I said, “Maybe I can do this.” So I entered the race. I thought I could do maybe 7 “laps” up and down the 300 feet. I did 16. Holy crap. Way beyond what I thought I could do. I came in third in the women’s category – a princess I called myself.

And the following year I trained. I wanted to win this time. I was determined. I did 21 laps equaling 6,300 feet of climbing and descending in 5 hours. I won. Holy crap – I won the Queen of the Ridge title. 

All because I made a choice. Because I wasn’t going to stay small behind the words “I can’t.” But change them to “I can.”

You CAN. You CAN. You CAN. Your mind is the only place that says you can’t. Period. Yes, we have certain physical limitations or financial, or time, etc. But instead of saying I can’t, I want you to say the words, “I choose” instead. 

Just replace I can’t with I choose, and notice how you feel inside. How you respond to life is a choice, and you are empowered when you are coming from the place of choice instead of “victimhood.” 

I played victim a long time in my life. I know what it does to your happiness and success. Don’t live in that place any more. 

Even when you choose not to do something, say, “I choose not to go to the movies tonight, or the grocery story right now, or hang out with a friend right now…” instead of “I can’t.” 

It’s your life to own, starting today.

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About the Author: Angela Patnode

My passion, my calling, is for you to be totally you. Through private coaching, in-depth retreats, and online group coaching programs, I help you tap into your intuition and clarify your desires and vision, I guide you to take active steps toward making your desires a reality.

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