Every day miracles

This time of year begs to be heard.

One walk in nature, and she’s singing her highest notes of grandeur at us and with us. She brings us home within and reminds us of what matters and what is True. 

Out on a bike ride yesterday I turned away from the incoming thunderstorm and then said to myself, “Wait a minute. Stop. Look. See the miracle and magic that is right above you.”

It takes my breath away just to see it again as I write to you.

The other night I happily got into bed, opened my current nighttime good read book, After the Esctacy, the Laundry by Jack Kornfield, and a little postcard fell out of the middle.

I picked it up and read it’s message, a quote from the Vietnamese Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh: “When we live in awareness, it is easy to see miracles everywhere.”

In an instant my heart opened to the Truth of what I had just read.

I’m not always in awareness (oh ya, that part about being human!) and forget, ignore, or get too busy to see the every day miracles.

This postcard brought it back to the forefront – thank you Mr. Hanh for the reminder (and the miracle of a postcard falling out of the book at that moment).

Yet, there was another reminder coming…

One of my favorite ways to spend a summer day is floating a river on my paddle board. There is nothing else that brings me more deep peace in my entire being than being on the river.

It’s like I’m being carried along by God through her/his/its garden. 

My nervous system and mind are brought back to ground zero from whatever unfolded over the last few days. It’s like being put in a transformer from Doing to Being, and nature does the work.

I had floated along for many miles and decided to go further than planned (I like to do that sometimes :-). I had the food, water, time and great weather. Why not? 

I ended up finishing at a spot I hadn’t been at before. I saw a quiet dirt road to the east, paddled over, deflated my board and waited for a car to drive by. 

I also said a prayer, “May the right person pick me up and bring me safely back to my car.” 

Two cars passed by, when a third stopped. A young woman and her mom smiled and said, “Do you need help?” I said, “I’m looking for a ride back toward town.” She quickly said, “Of course, hop in!”

I had some concern about mom’s cigarette, but she put it out for the ride, I hopped in and off we went. 

We went bumbling down the dirt road chit chatting when the daughter asked, “How far are you going?” I answered, “Well, you can drop me off when we get to the main road since you live in town and I’m going the opposite direction. I’m sure I’ll get a ride from there.” 

She immediately said with a smile, “We’ll take you to your car. No problem!” I said, “Are you sure, that’s almost 20 miles out of your way?” Which she responded to, “Of course, I want you to have a great rest of your day.”

I was so touched. Deeply touched. Even more so when she shared that she lived in a trailer park and her pipes froze over the cold winter causing her to have to live with a friend for a couple of months.

This wasn’t someone who necessarily had things “easy or privileged” in the western world.

When we reached my car, I offered her money for gas but she said no, she was just happy to bring me. I gave her a hug, my heart filled with gratitude and joy for her and her mom. 

It’s moments like these that remind me that Spirit is everywhere.

St. Hildegard of Bingen, a Christian Mystic from the 12th Century wrote, “The whole world is the playing field of God where everything and every being is a sign of Gods fullness and potential sphere of action.”

This mother and daughter were my teacher that day. They taught me that generosity has nothing to do with money or privilege, with ought to or should’s. It’s an act from the heart, in the moment, God moving and being through each one of us.

Today notice the generosity, notice the kindness, notice the goodness in people, from the grocery clerk to a family member.

It is a balm for the judgments that can take over and a reminder of not only the True nature of others, but of ourselves.

You ARE an expression of the Divine.

With my heart full from the gifts of that day, I settled into my hammock, grateful for the perfect camp spot along the river, and watched a stunning sunset unfold. 

Miracles are every where…

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